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Akron Man Arrested for Multiple Sexual Assaults After Luring Victims with Car Rides

In recent months, Akron authorities detained a 24-year-old man, Mohamed Reeda, for allegedly committing multiple sexual assaults. Reeda is accused of preying on women by offering them car rides, under the guise of being a helpful passerby. Arrested at his residence, Reeda faces charges including three counts of rape, two counts of abduction, and one count of attempted rape.

Although initially thought to be a rideshare driver, investigations revealed Reeda was not affiliated with any ridesharing service during the incidents. He reportedly targeted women walking alone or with one other person, offering them rides and then taking them to secluded locations to commit the assaults. Police Captain Chris Brewer explained that Reeda appeared to be acting as a Good Samaritan, but instead became the very danger he warned the women against.

Reeda, previously a Lyft driver, was removed from the platform following the allegations. The assaults, occurring in Akron’s Firestone Park and East Akron neighborhoods, involved victims aged between 20 and 40. These incidents typically happened at night or in the early morning, and in at least two cases, Reeda used a knife.

Akron police have so far identified eight victims of these assaults, which occurred from November 2022 to March. Reeda has been charged in relation to four of these cases, with additional charges pending. Evidence includes a DNA match and descriptions matching Reeda’s physical appearance and his silver 2008 Kia Rondo.

Police are urging anyone who had a similar encounter with Reeda to come forward, assuring them of support and confidentiality. Akron Police Chief Steve Mylett emphasized the arrest’s significance in enhancing community safety and hoped it would aid in the victims’ healing process.

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