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Convicted for Rape and Assault: Man Receives Sentence for Crimes Against Lehigh and Lafayette Students

The man who committed heinous acts against five college students at Lehigh University and Lafayette College has received his sentence.

Clement Swaby was handed a sentence on Wednesday that will confine him to prison for a minimum of 75 years, with the possibility of a maximum sentence of 150 years. His charges encompassed rape, burglaries, and assaults committed in three separate incidents within the victims’ own homes, spanning over the course of a year.

Following his prison term, Swaby will face 12 years of probation.

In a solemn judgment, the presiding judge branded Swaby as “the worst of the worst” and referred to him as “every woman’s nightmare.” The judge left no room for ambiguity, declaring, “Monsters do exist, and you’re one of them.”

Swaby, a 36-year-old man, was found guilty by a jury in November, facing a total of 26 charges. The trial spanned five days, during which the brave victims testified against their assailant.

The first incident occurred in May 2020, when a female student residing near Lehigh University in Bethlehem was awakened by the presence of a man standing in her bedroom doorway. Swaby menacingly advanced towards her with a knife, subjected her to a sexual assault, and issued threats against her if she contacted the police.

One of the victim’s fathers, who is an attorney, appeared as a witness during the trial. He described the enduring physical and emotional trauma his daughter has endured. He addressed Swaby directly, stating, “They are not victims; they are survivors. They outwitted you, successfully defended themselves, collected your DNA, and ultimately aided the District Attorney in prosecuting you.”

In February 2021, another female in a residence near Lafayette College in Easton recounted Swaby’s intrusion into her bedroom, brandishing a knife and threatening sexual violence. A roommate of hers heard her distress and the voice of a male, prompting Swaby to flee. Additionally, one of the women reported cash missing from her wallet.

In March 2021, police responded to yet another incident near Lafayette College, where two women disclosed Swaby’s entry into their bedroom, accompanied by a knife and a demand for a sexual act between them. In the aftermath, one victim discovered a significant sum of money missing from her purse, while the other received notification of an unauthorized purchase made with her stolen Starbucks gift card at a store in New Jersey.

Initially, Swaby faced charges in connection with the Lafayette incidents. Subsequently, investigative efforts linked his DNA to the 2020 rape at Lehigh.

Further investigations led to Swaby’s DNA being entered into a national database, resulting in several other agencies linking him to crimes within their jurisdictions. Additionally, he faced charges related to a sexual assault in West Conshohocken, Montgomery County, and had a pending case against him in Florida.

Swaby had been held in custody on a $1.5 million bail, which was revoked following the guilty verdict.

At a certain juncture during the proceedings, even the defense conceded that the evidence against Swaby was “overwhelming.”

In addition to his current convictions, Swaby is also facing charges of sexual assault in Florida and Montgomery County.

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