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New York City Woman Files Lawsuit Against Uber Claiming Horrific Assault and Kidnapping by a Driver in Brooklyn

A woman from Brooklyn is taking legal action, asserting she was abducted and sexually assaulted by her Uber driver. She alleges that Uber’s corporate culture, which she describes as dominated by men, fosters an environment where passengers, especially vulnerable ones, are at risk.

In 2018, Amber Moye, then 20 years old, reportedly dozed off in an Uber car in Brooklyn on New Year’s Eve’s eve. She claims to have awakened to the driver assaulting her in the vehicle, as per her lawsuit in the Brooklyn Supreme Court.

The attack, described as “disgusting and depraved” in the lawsuit, supposedly left Moye feeling “humiliated, violated” and deprived of her “dignity and personal safety.”

Moye, now 25, expressed to The Independent how the incident severely impacted her mental health, stating, “It just really messed me up mentally more than anything else.”

Following the alleged assault, Moye sought medical attention at Brookdale Hospital Medical Center, where a rape kit confirmed the attack, as mentioned in her lawsuit filed on November 15.

The lawsuit notes Moye reported the incident to the NYPD’s special victims’ unit, but it’s unclear if the driver was identified or if a full investigation ensued.

Moye is suing Uber and its subsidiary, citing negligence and liability, arguing that the company’s indifferent attitude towards passenger safety stems from its “toxic-male culture.”

The lawsuit claims that Uber knew about sexual assaults by drivers since 2014 but misused its “Safe Rides Fee” for profit rather than improving safety measures. A former Uber employee is quoted in the lawsuit, criticizing the company’s focus on profit over safety.

The suit also targets Travis Kalanick, Uber’s co-founder and ex-CEO, accusing him of prioritizing company growth over safety by simplifying the driver application process, which included skipping thorough background checks.

According to the lawsuit, under Kalanick’s leadership, fingerprinting and comprehensive FBI database checks were neglected in favor of quicker, less thorough background screenings.

The filing further alleges that Uber’s leadership showed disregard for women’s safety and was solely focused on profits. It mentions a case of sexual harassment within the company, reportedly ignored by the management.

Moye claims that Uber’s failure to ensure adequate safety measures led to her assault, resulting in mental trauma and job loss as an airport hostess. She remains unemployed, as reported by the Independent.

Adam Slater, representing Moye, criticized Uber’s response to the sexual assault crisis as slow and insufficient, emphasizing the company’s focus on growth over passenger safety.

Uber is currently entangled in about 100 sexual assault cases in California, and recently failed in an attempt to remove the term “sexual assault” from the lawsuit title. The company’s own safety report reveals nearly 4,000 alleged sexual assault incidents involving Uber in the U.S. between 2019 and 2020.

Jamie Farrell, Moye’s attorney, emphasized the ongoing nature of these assaults and the lack of substantial change from Uber, predicting continued incidents.

The law firm representing Moye has filed numerous sexual assault and harassment claims against Uber. An Uber spokesperson, while unable to comment on ongoing litigation, asserted the company’s commitment to safety and innovation in safeguarding all on its platform.

Moye’s lawsuit was filed under New York’s Adult Survivor’s Act, which has since expired. The NYPD, citing legal restrictions, did not confirm any investigation into Moye’s complaint but stressed its serious approach to sexual assault and rape cases.

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