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PFAS Cancer Lawsuits

There is a reason why PFAS is known as a “forever chemical.” They simply do not break down in the environment. In fact, PFAS was invented almost accidentally when scientists discovered a compound that could simply not be broken down by any means. They somehow thought that it was a good idea to use this to make products better without considering any possible negative health impacts.

The truth is that this chemical causes significant health impacts in a number of ways. Women and their children are particularly vulnerable to this chemical. It can harm their bodies, make them sick and even shorten their lives.

PFAS is an abbreviation for Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances. They are man-made chemicals. They are marketed and sold under different brand names. For example, you may be familiar with “Scotchgard,” which is the brand of PFAS made by 3M.

PFAS Chemicals Can Be Everywhere in Your Daily Life

The problem is that PFAS chemicals are nearly everywhere. They are commonly used in products, such as cosmetics. Chances are that your lipstick contains PFAS. They do not tell you that on the label. In fact, you often have no idea what is in the everyday products that you use. PFAS can be found in the following products (and this is just a small list):

  • Food packaging
  • Household products, such as paints, polishes and waxes
  • Food (especially fish or animals that have ingested PFAS themselves)
  • Nonstick cookware

Manufacturers use PFAS in products because it benefits them. They think that it allows them to offer a better product because these chemicals make them more durable and long-lasting. They can then tell you that their product works better than their competitors. The flip side to this is that their durability means that they will stay in your body forever with negative effects.

PFAS Even Ends Up in the Water that You Drink

Even if you do not use a product containing PFAS, it can still affect you. PFAS can make its way into the water supply wherever the chemical is used. Companies that both make PFAS and use them in their products end up polluting the water. Studies have shown that there are unsafe levels of PFAS in the water supply in numerous areas throughout the country. Once PFAS ends up in the soil, it can be carried into the water supply through rain runoff.

PFAS Is a Cancer-Causing Chemical

As a woman, PFAS can harm you in a number of ways. It is becoming more apparent that PFAS can cause cancer. Specifically, PFAS has been linked to the following types of tumors:

  • Kidney cancer
  • Ovarian cancer
  • Thyroid cancer
  • Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma

PFAS Is a Threat to Women’s Health

In addition, PFAS can also harm your health in other ways as a woman. It can cause:

  • Harm to the reproductive system that can lower the chances of becoming pregnant
  • High cholesterol
  • Interference with the body’s hormones
  • Lower the body’s natural immunity levels

Finally, PFAS can also impact your children’s natural development. It can cause learning disabilities and affect your child’s growth.

Being exposed to PFAS is not a guarantee in itself that you will get sick. However, prolonged and extensive exposure will increase the chances that you could develop any one of the health complications described above. You may have been ingesting PFAS into your body for decades and not even know it. In fact, 97% of Americans have some level of PFAS in their bodies.

Manufacturers Keep Making and Using PFAS in Spite of the Dangers

Scientists are learning more about PFAS and the harm that it can cause. While some types of the chemical have been banned in the U.S., companies are still producing other forms of it. Manufacturers continue to use it in their products in spite of the growing evidence that it harms consumers. Congress has considered legislation to ban the use of PFAS in lipstick, but for now, there are no restrictions on putting these dangerous chemicals in something that you apply to your face every day. The only form of accountability is filing a lawsuit against the company responsible for your illness.

Injured people are now filing lawsuits against companies that made PFAS. They also have the legal right to file a claim against a business that used PFAS in their products. If you suspect that your illness was caused by exposure to chemicals, you need to speak with a lawyer to learn whether you may be eligible for financial compensation. We can connect you with a law firm that can handle your case that has a track record of helping injured people recover.

Right now, many injured consumers are focusing lawsuits on the companies that make PFAS chemicals. However, they may also be able to sue the companies that make products that use these dangerous chemicals. By now, companies should know of the hazards of PFAS when they make products containing this chemical. At this point, they are manufacturing goods that use a known carcinogen that could have other significant health effects.