Talcum Powder Cancer

Ovarian Cancer from Talcum Powder

Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder Shown to Cause Cancer

Johnson & Johnson is now facing numerous lawsuits that claim that regular use of their famous Baby Powder indirectly caused cancer. This past year, the company announced that they would stop selling the talc-formulation of its Baby Powder in the United States. However, the damage has been done as they say for thousands of consumers who have used talcum powder for many years.


If you are a female who has used Johnson & Johnson talcum powder for years and you have cancer, you may be entitled to significant compensation.

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For decades, millions of women used Johnson & Johnson baby powder daily to freshen up, keep their skin smooth, and for many other purposes. However, there was an open secret that the company fought to keep people from learning. The baby powder that smelled good and made you feel better actually put you in grave danger because it was laced with asbestos. Now, thousands of longtime users of talc powder are being diagnosed with cancer. If you have been a regular user of this product and have been sickened, you can file a lawsuit.

Many people have come to associate Johnson & Johnson with baby powder. It is one of the company’s flagship products. The company did everything it could to resist taking it off the market, even though corporate documents show decades of worries about the product’s safety and extensive efforts to cover up the dangers.

Using talc in any cosmetic product is a classic example of a dangerous product design. Talc powder occurs naturally in the ground, very close to asbestos. It is common for the two to get mixed together at times. When talc is mined, asbestos often comes up along with it and cannot be separated. 

Johnson & Johnson Used Materials that They Knew Were Dangerous

Even if the company did not intend to sell a product containing asbestos, just the decision to use talc powder alone was reckless and callous. Johnson & Johnson could have easily switched ingredients to something other than talc powder, knowing full well that it could be tainted with asbestos. However, they would have then been admitting to the danger that they knew all along and denied.

Reports of talc powder laced with asbestos have been around for decades. Perhaps to protect their own bottom line, Johnson & Johnson put out research that claimed that talc powder was completely safe. Yet, the number of reports from women who were regular talc powder users developing ovarian cancer grew. The proof is found in Johnson and Johnson’s own documents that detailed the problem. Attorneys now have access to these documents, and they have provoked strong reactions from juries. 

Legal Pressure Forced Johnson & Johnson to Stop Selling Talc Powder

After decades of dangers, talc powder is finally off the market in the U.S. Johnson & Johnson did not make this decision on its own. 

One of the major reasons was a massive lawsuit verdict against the company in state court in Missouri. A group of 23 women was awarded a total of nearly $4.7 billion in damages by a jury that was very clearly angered by Johnson & Johnson. These women were all regular users of the product, and they were sickened. The Supreme Court refused to overturn a multibillion damages award against the companies. Now, countless cases are going to trial in state and federal courts across the country. 

Juries Are Punishing Johnson & Johnson for its Disregard of Consumer Safety

This verdict was so large in the Missouri case because the jury used it to make a statement against Johnson & Johnson. The company was hit with very high punitive damages because the jury wanted to punish the company’s gross disregard for human life and safety by selling a product that they knew for decades was dangerous. Allegedly, the company ran three separate tests in the 1970s that found asbestos in its talc powder, but it hid the information from regulators. It was almost 50 years from the time of those tests until the time when Johnson & Johnson finally pulled talc powder from store shelves under heavy pressure.

It took the FDA to finally get this dangerous product off the market. A few years ago, the agency tested numerous batches of talc powder, and the results showed that it contained asbestos. After years of trying to hide and deny reality, Johnson & Johnson finally had to face facts. Even though the company tried to rush its own “independent” testing to show its product’s safety, the FDA test results were just too much. Citing declining demand, the company stopped selling talc powder in both the U.S. and Canada.

You Can File a Lawsuit Against Johnson & Johnson if You Were Sickened by Talc Powder

While this means that no more women will be sickened by this product that they trusted, it does not help the tens of thousands of people who have already been made ill by talc powder. The problem is that many more are still to be sickened. Asbestos fibers build up in the body over the course of years before they eventually cause cancer. This means that women who were regular users have harmful toxins in their body waiting to make them ill. They may still get cancer in the future.

Now, over 25,000 people have filed lawsuits against Johnson & Johnson, and the company is facing major legal liability. The business that was founded on the principle of helping people live healthier lives is trying to justify in court why it sold for decades a product that it knew was dangerous. Numerous juries have found that Johnson & Johnson is legally responsible for the harm that its product has caused. 

If you have used talc powder and have been diagnosed with cancer, you should take action. You have the legal right to make Johnson & Johnson pay if you can convince a jury that the product was unreasonably dangerous. Many women have already succeeded legally in their case. In mass tort cases like these, defendants end up settling the cases because they are frightened by the prospect of billions of dollars in jury verdict, which is what Johnson & Johnson may be facing.

The first thing that you need to do if you think that you have been injured by talc powder is to speak to a lawyer. We can connect you with an attorney who is experienced in handling lawsuits just like yours. You should know your legal options and how the lawsuit process works. The first steps are getting information and discussing your case with an attorney.