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Uber Driver Admits Guilt in Santa Ana Sexual Assault Case with Female Passenger

Jason Rodas, a resident of Garden Grove, has pleaded guilty to multiple charges and has been swiftly sentenced to nine years and eight months in prison. His charges include assault with intent to commit a sex offense, attempted forcible rape, criminal threats, and assault with force likely to cause significant bodily injury. Rodas has been credited for serving 1,033 days behind bars.

The incident involving the sexual assault occurred on September 9, 2020, when a 51-year-old woman requested an Uber ride to get to work at around 4 a.m. Rodas responded to the call and, during the ride to her destination, he made unsettling inquiries about the woman’s personal life, causing her distress. When the woman requested to be taken to work, Rodas threatened to eject her from the vehicle if she contacted the police.

Eventually, Rodas drove the woman to 300 S. Minnie St., where she attempted to flee from the car. However, Rodas caught up with her, subjected her to choking, and sexually assaulted her, as confirmed by the police.

Rodas admitted to committing domestic violence in Garden Grove. A 37-year-old woman, who had an intermittent relationship with the defendant, reported that on August 1, 2020, Rodas had choked her. Moreover, from September 1 to 4, he made various threats through social media and text messages, according to the Garden Grove police.”

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