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Uber Driver Captured on Camera Committing Sexual Assault After Allegedly Intervening in Earlier Incident

A man has pleaded guilty to a horrifying sexual assault that occurred after he purportedly rescued a woman from another sexual attack. Kerry Calvin Gasag has been sentenced to 10 years in prison for sexually violating a 34-year-old woman at a popular tourist destination in Florida.

Initially, the victim believed that Gasag, who was an Uber driver, was coming to her aid during an early morning incident on September 10, 2021. However, once inside his vehicle, Gasag began making inappropriate advances, ultimately causing the woman to leap out of the car in sheer panic.

Gasag pursued the victim and subsequently raped her near the iconic Southernmost Point buoy in Key West. Shockingly, the entire ordeal was captured by a live webcam at the tourist hotspot, which was being monitored by an emergency services dispatcher located 2575 kilometers away in Boston. The dispatcher promptly contacted local law enforcement upon witnessing the incident.

“I’m actually calling from Boston,” the dispatcher reported, “But, bear with me, this is going to sound crazy. But, I’m at work, and I have the Southernmost Point cam? I could almost swear that I saw somebody get raped.”

Footage from the live webcam revealed Gasag restraining the woman in a headlock.

In the video footage, the unidentified woman is seen resisting the Uber driver’s advances before he forcibly pushes her behind the iconic landmark and commits a sexual assault.

Within minutes, the woman manages to break free from the area around the buoy and flees. Gasag promptly follows, seen quickly adjusting his clothing.

Later that night, Gasag returned to the scene of the crime to collect the victim’s clothing in an attempt to conceal evidence.

Several witnesses reported a “nude female, crying and screaming,” which led the police to locate the victim.

However, it took two years for the authorities to apprehend and charge him with sexual battery, false imprisonment, and evidence tampering.

Assistant Monroe County State Attorney Joseph Mansfield disclosed that Gasag could have faced a maximum sentence of 25 years in prison if the case had gone to trial. Instead, he received a 10-year prison term along with five years of probation after pleading guilty.

Jorge Calderon Nunez, 30, is alleged to have been the woman’s first attacker. He is currently held in Miami-Dade County jail on a $225,000 bond and is scheduled to appear in court later this month, facing charges related to the earlier assault.

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