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Violent Offender, Steven Evans, from Openshaw Sentenced for Brutal Attacks on Women

In a disturbing case of sexual violence, Steven Evans, a 33-year-old man from Openshaw, has been sentenced to 24 years in prison for a series of heinous crimes against women. The Greater Manchester Police investigation, initiated in December 2022, revealed that Evans drugged his victims with a substance he referred to as ‘magic’, rendering them unconscious or asleep, before committing sexual assaults.

The appalling extent of Evans’s crimes came to light when one victim discovered images on a mobile phone of Evans assaulting her, images of which she had no memory. This led to the revelation of a pattern of abuse where Evans laughed off the victims’ concerns and discouraged them from seeking medical help, even when they woke up with physical pain.

Further investigation led to the discovery of two additional women who had been similarly victimized by Evans at a house party. In total, Evans was found guilty of 37 charges, including rape, sexual assault, and administering a noxious substance.

Upon his arrest on March 8, police found 61 photographs and 35 videos that documented over 25 instances of non-consensual sexual encounters. In a chilling detail, Evans had searched online for information about sleep disorders and conditions that induce sleep, indicating a premeditated nature to his crimes.

Despite his denial of all charges, Evans was convicted on all counts. Det Sgt Natasha Feerick commended the victims for their courage in coming forward during such a challenging time. She condemned Evans for his actions, highlighting his lack of remorse and the horrific physical and emotional injuries he inflicted on his victims.

Adding to his prison sentence, Evans received an extended eight-year license period, was registered as a sex offender for life, and is subject to a restraining order, underscoring the severity of his crimes and the threat he posed to public safety.

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